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‘Wild Sheep’ Book Promotes Conservation, Offers Sheep Hunt Opportunity | GearJunkie


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Photo: YETI & Wild Sheep Foundation

A new book collaboration from YETI and the Wild Sheep Foundation celebrates sheep and the people who love them. And a limited edition offers the opportunity of a sheep hunt of a lifetime.

Wild sheep capture the imagination, and they exist across a wide swath of landscapes in which adventures and stories are inherent.

In celebration of these animals and the wild places they inhabit, YETI and the Wild Sheep Foundation called on storytellers who are often sheep-adjacent, including Adam Foss, Al Klassen, Larry Johnson, Anna Vorisek, Roxanne and Tim Shinabarger, and others. And from their efforts, a new book is now available just in time for the holiday season.

Limited Edition Offers Sheep Hunt Opportunity, Supports Wild Sheep Foundation

wild sheep the bookThere are two separate offerings of “WILD SHEEP.” The first, priced at $100, is available on the YETI website.

The second is a limited edition that offers a few special caveats, and it can be found on the Wild Sheep Foundation’s website. For $350, the buyer gets a special-edition hardbound copy and a 1/250 chance at a sheep hunt in the Yukon.

The winner will partake in either a Dall or Fannin sheep hunt with Midnight Sun Outfitting. That person will be announced during the virtual 2021 Sheep Show. This year, the show will take place from Jan. 11 to 16, 2021. Only 250 limited-edition copies are available, with a max of five books per individual.

All proceeds from the limited-edition book benefit the Wild Sheep Foundation.

Nicole Qualtieri


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