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15 Fresh and Cool Indoor Chaise Lounge Ideas


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Modern Chaise lounges incorporate elegance and sophistication with such stylish ease. If you are lucky enough to have the space to decorate with one of these beauties, we urge you to do so.

Whether in your living room or home office, they not only look bold and quite posh in appeal but it can truly be your personal place of rest and revitalization. Let’s take a look at several gorgeous indoor chaise lounge ideas in a variety of styles, and hopefully, we’ll inspire you!

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Indoor Chaise Lounge
BT Design Daydream Chaise Lounge in black leather

A bold, powerful and masculine presence, this is a great seat to highlight your personal reading nook or home office. It’s got a unique, architectural structure but also a neutral finish that makes it easy to style and decorate around.

Throw a pillow atop for a more cozy and comfy feel, it’s really that easy!


Chaise Lounge Design
Ultra Modern Chaise Lounge Design

Incredibly futuristic and artistic too, we’re loving this modern piece. Although you may not know, at first glance, where to place this piece in your home, we imagine it offsetting a smooth, bachelor pad or studio apartment in an urban environment.

Although this chair would be hard to lighten in casual style, if you’ve got the space for something really unique, it’s a stunner!


Modern Indoor Chaise Lounge
Hans Brown Leather Indoor Chaise Lounge

More traditional and homey in style, this chocolate leather lounge chair is perfect for a home library or office setting.

It acts as a comfortable place to rest, read a couple of chapters in your book while enjoying a hot cup of tea. But it’s overall tone and structure never bores or tires in style, which is always a benefit.

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indoor chaise lounge
Minimal indoor chaise lounge

It doesn’t get any more hip or trendy than this beautiful, aqua design. Low, but in focus, this piece welcomes anyone to have a seat and take a nap.

The color is perfect for blending within a variety of styles and themes, especially more youthful and eclectic of visions. Whites, creams and charcoals would also set it off nicely for a relaxed ambience.


indoor chaise lounge ideas
Stunning matching indoor chaise lounge.


Are you “green with envy” over this stunning, bright space? We love this room and its natural lighting, but we must turn your attention to the olive chase lounge that highlights and compliments its sofa counterpart. This area mixes both traditional comforts with contemporary decor with ease and sophistication.


white rocker chaise lounge by splinterworks
white rocker chaise lounge by splinterworks

Take a good look at this beauty! Innovative, fun and definitely a conversation piece, pull focus in any room by adding a style with this type of bulk and structure. It’s definitely a design that fits in with a chic and modern styled home but you can tone it down just a bit by adding colors and bright spots around.


chaise lounge design for minimalist living room
chaise lounge design for minimalist living room

One of the most youthful and trendy of the bunch, this mixed material chair has a lot of style and flair. Although it may not be the most comfortable and cozy, it will certainly help to transform your apartment or living room into a more fashion-friendly and fun place to be.

We also love its unique color, burnt orange mixes well with gold and creams for a sophisticated finish.

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white chaise lounge design
white chaise lounge design

At first glance, you may think this one is made of marble! It has soft, delicate lines but still a very powerful presence. We love how it’s placed front and center of this home office and library as the main focus, which works since it acts has a statuesque piece of art as well as a place to rest and sit for a while.


contemporary design indoor chaise lounge
Contemporary design indoor chaise lounge

Purple and full of luxury, this model was meant to highlight a feminine space. It was also meant to be set in a place made for rest and relaxation, as you can see with the plush head pillow attached atop.

We have to take notice of it’s simple and clean lines, making for a great addition to a chic-styled home.


cool indoor chaise lounge

Are you not in love with this cream-colored stunner? Of course, the natural lighting and large windows in the background help to highlight our vision of a beautiful space, but this “floater” piece sure would be fun to have in your home, don’t you think? A chaise lounge chair doesn’t have to be stuffy or Victorian-inspired, instead, it can be architectural and contemporary too!


animal print indoor chaise lounge


If you’re looking for something that’s super eclectic and surprising, why not try finding a piece with a print? In fact, a piece with an animal print could really jazz up and transform a more dull and weathered room.

Textural, fun and a great way to impress your guests, this multi-colored chaise is the perfect way to add some life to you larger foyer or formal living room.


purple accent lounge chair for living room
Purple accent lounge chair for living room

This style might need a double take if you look at it too quick! Reminiscent of a prowling cat, it’s such a bold and artistically lively piece.

The plum and black shades come together to make it an even fiercer finish and we suggest if you’re inspired by a chair such as this to go with a more formal home office or contemporary study style.


rocking lounge chair in black leather
Rocking lounge chair in black leather

Delicate and almost robotic, this choice certainly fits the “futuristic” theme quite well. If you don’t have a lot of space to spare but you’re still in search of something unique for your home, this may be a great fit.

Black does well with almost any accent color or theme, but the “fold away” vision packs a punch within modern rooms.


red ultra modern chaise longue
Red ultra modern chaise longue

We’re not sure there’s any chair that’s smoother or chicer than this candy apple red showstopper. If this is the chaise for you, then choose a room that highlights its beautiful lines and sturdy structure.

How magnificent would this be in a posh black and white home office? Or on the sidelines transforming a more traditional living room fun of creams and whites?


Biknit Chaise by Patricia Urquiola
Biknit Chaise by Patricia Urquiola

And finally, we have something completely outside-the-box in home style. These chaise lounge chairs may look like they only belong outside but, in fact, they can do wonders inside your home! If you’re trying to accomplish a more worldly, eclectic charm, these woven beauties are something you may want to consider using!

They even look great in pairs!


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