Home Bed & Bath #30DayHomeLove Instagram Home Styling Challenge — decor8

#30DayHomeLove Instagram Home Styling Challenge — decor8


It’s a great way for ALL OF US to stay POSITIVE at the moment the best we can. It’s also a nice way to unite design enthusiasts globally who want to make the best of our homes and the huge amounts of time we are forced to stay indoors at the moment… Niki made such a great point about this challenge in our LIVE chat today on Insta, she said that right now this challenge helps us all to create a more nurturing space so that later when things are back to normal, we have a home that we love even more.

  1. Favorite Room (completed)

  2. Shadows + Light (completed)

  3. Home Office (TODAY’S THEME)

  4. Sheflie

  5. Potted Friends

  6. On My Coffee Table

  7. Foodie

  8. Natural Touch

  9. Reflection

  10. Magazine Love

  11. Scandi Style

  12. Soft + Fluffy

  13. Well-Organized

  14. Cozy Home

  15. Bookish

  16. Coffee Time

  17. Tropical Vibes

  18. Mood Board

  19. Vintage

  20. Flower Power

  21. Self Care

  22. Pretty Breakfast

  23. On My Bedside Table

  24. Welcome Home

  25. Color Lover

  26. Feet Up

  27. Handmade

  28. Favorite Corner

  29. On the Wall

  30. Spring-y

Aren’t those GREAT themes!!!???

And remember, we are all in this crazy world together right now, we have to support each other. So stay at home, be positive, exercise daily, eat healthily, and go on Instagram and join us each day by submitting a photo from your home with all of us according to the themes above. This way, we stay together, encourage one another, and stay motivated to post and share and grow our accounts which is the best thing to do right now during a time of crisis – band together!



(images: Holly Becker)