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A Buyer’s Guide To Bathroom Vanity Units | Big Bathroom Shop


Another aspect involving bathroom vanity units where there’s a multitude of choice is with regards to the sizing.

Speaking somewhat generically, bathroom vanities can be sourced in small, medium and large sizes, varying to different degrees in width, height and depth.

Cloakroom bathroom vanity units from Big Bathroom Shop come as small as 400mm in width x 540mm height and 240mm depth, making them an idyllic selection for an especially cramped bathroom area.

Such sized components have such little impact on surrounding space, that other essential fixtures and fittings can be comfortably positioned nearby without any detrimental effect on either.

At the opposite end of the size spectrum, the likes of double basin vanities can span in excess of 1200mm wide and 620m tall, with depths within the 500mm range.

Of course, a reasonably large bathroom area will be required to house this sort of furniture, but it can also negate the requirement for what might be bulky necessities such as sinks or basins elsewhere. The Milano Bexley Dark Oak Wall Hung Open Shelf Vanity Unit with Double Basin provides a perfect example of a streamlined bathroom vanity unit which incorporates a pair of in-built sinks.

Meanwhile, the contrasting shapes that vanities come supplied in are another huge factor in their versatility, and thus suitability for installation in all kinds of different bathrooms.

Narrow vanity units represent an excellent pick, for example, for a bathroom where limited floor space dictates that storage room is hard to come by. And opting for a vanity with a shallow sink can ensure internal storage space is enhanced further still in such a situation.

The Milano Lurus White Minimalist Compact Floor Standing Cloakroom Vanity Unit with Basin offers the best of both worlds with regards to these details.