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Calm Comfort Trend, New Normal, and Nature Prints For Your Walls — decor8


And back to home, in these times, we aren’t simply “passing through” each day as we may have once been, are we? Before corona, most of us didn’t spend a full weekend at home playing cards or planting our balcony garden without also running back and forth to stores, taking the kids to see their friends, entertaining friends in the garden, grabbing a coffee or meal at our favorite cafe. Our lives were spinning and time was running faster because of it. And our home, the very nucleus of our life, was sorta screaming, “Notice me!!!!”.

In times of solitude, we often see what matters but also learn what doesn’t. In the home, personally, I’ve learned that what matters to me is having less around so there is more freedom and space for ideas to flow. I have decided to pull back and get rid of more than ever before and simplify my life. I’ve also added more plants to make the air quality better in my home and also, adding them inside gives me a sense of harmony and peace. I am crafting and making again. Healthy food is high on my daily goals – I’ve not touched alcohol or sweets in weeks and plan to avoid it as a coping mechanism at all costs – something I actually started to use to cope with corona lockdown during the first four weeks. Exercising daily is key for me.

I don’t know about you (please share!) but balance is back in my life and career and it feels good. I don’t want the “old” life back. I want a different “new”. I don’t want to go back to the way things were. To times when the home was a spot for sleep, showering, and a quick meal. I want my home to become the center of my life and everything I do – travel, career, shopping, comes next. I want my home, my family, my son to be first. Always, not just during corona.

So back to the lovely Pernille who just released a new collection called POETRY OF NATURE. It’s based on nature, prints that are poetic, soft, and bring the outdoor world inside. In some of her work, while printing, she let the natural colors from the plants bleed into the paper, leaving a sensuous and artistic expression to the print. I think it’s just lovely.

“This season, I believe in golden, dusty, dried colors combined with wooden furnishings, handmade ceramics, and simple straw and grass decorations. Basic, quiet spaces with harmonious, toned-down colors and space for simple personal statements”, she says.