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Filthy Animals – Britain’s Bad Bathroom Habits | Big Bathroom Shop


Often overlooked, but used by everyone, the bathroom door handle is a place that we all need to think about cleaning a little more.

77 of those polled said they never cleaned it; higher than any other bathroom item in our list. 

Unfortunately, that 7.7% may need to reevaluate their cleaning habits, as bathroom door handles can be a super hot spot for all sorts of nasty bacteria.

Thankfully, most of us already know that, with two thirds of us cleaning it at least every week.

South East England has the cleanest bathroom door handles, with around 40% of them being cleaned every other day. 

Wales brings up the rear with most people doing it once a week, while Northern England redeemed itself a little with a third of those polled cleaning the handle every few days. 

Overall, a quarter of those polled left it anywhere between once a fortnight and once a year, so it might be time for a national campaign about cleaning those bathroom handles! 

Although we’re not supposed to have anyone in our homes right now, if you have children at school that use the same bathroom as you, perhaps now is the time to get your bathroom handle clean on!