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Norway Design Companies Enter US Marketplace With New Lifestyle Products



Pictured L-R: Dyfosit, Fram Oslo, Heymat, Northern.

Norwegian Design Industry, a division of The Federation of Norwegian Industries, reports that it is expanding its presence in the United States in 2021 to offer the interior design world the fresh, ultra-modern take on sustainability, functionality and contemporary aesthetics of products made in Norway. With this 2021 focus on the US market, Norwegian interior design is poised to take its own distinctive place alongside the world’s appreciation of Scandinavian design.

Consumer and retailer appreciation involves not only the recognizable Nowegian look influenced by the northern skies and landscapes, nature’s colors and the native materials, but the manner in which they do business on behalf of their employees, the environment and the sustainable excellence of their products built to last. Norway, located at the top of the world, became a home for the crafts people and furniture makers in the 1940s and today has a thriving business making and exporting the Norwegian look.

Norwegian Design Industry will introduce four innovative interior design brands and bring their innovative new lifestyle product launches to the US marketplace, culminating in an appearance at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in November. This chosen roster includes Dyfosit, Fram Oslo, Heymat and Northern.


These four brands are exceptional examples of Norwegian producers. Each company is exemplary in their sustainable business practices, and the use of engineering technology and Norwegian native materials to manufacture and export their distinctive, modern look—inspired by the beauty of Norway’s natural surroundings. Their holistic approach to manufacturing, and their association with Norway’s leading designers, is the story behind each company.


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